Video Surveillance

We provide state-of-the-art cameras, IP encoding, and connectivity technologies into specialized enclosures to meet the most demanding surveillance or monitoring requirements. You can protect your most valuable assets by installing our CCTV cameras. Economically speaking, companies have found that they can put video surveillance cameras monitoring and recording activity simultaneously from 25 or 30 places throughout a facility, for less than it would cost to employ few security guards or individuals to watch at best, one area of the facility at a time.   Video Surveillance

IP-based Surveillance Systems

  • Transportation of high quality video and audio signals from remote cameras
  • Real-time sharing of data among all elements in the surveillance chain
  • Real and indisputable alternative to traditional costly wired infrastructures
  • Economical solution which integrates naturally into IP environments and offers
    flexibility and modularity
  • Superior image quality & higher resolution
  • Easy integration with your network
  • Easier scalability & flexibility with cost effectiveness
  • Remote accessibility on android phones, smart phones & laptop devices
  • Standard video compression techniques
  • Video data is easily accessed, reviewed and scanned in a digital format
  Video Surveillance
  Video Surveillance
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