IP Telephony

Communication inefficiency is costly for enterprises. Not addressing these everyday hidden communication costs leads to increased operating costs, unsatisfied customers, and impaired competitive advantage.

The top hidden costs are waiting for information, unwanted communication, inefficient coordination, barriers to collaboration, and customer complaints.

IP telephony systems can provide the ideal solution of increased efficiency & substantially lower operating costs.
  IP Telephony

IP Based EPABX System

  • It uses your LAN
  • Lower operational costs over time
  • Easier to configure and install than proprietary phone systems
  • Simpler management
  • Easy to move phones
  • Cost savings by connecting to VoIP
  • Unified messaging
  • Remote extensions
  • More choices
  • Single Network / Cable
  • Can add Soft Phones, Voice over W-Fi phones & soft clients over mobile phones
  • Shared bandwidth with computer data networks
  • Open standards & multi-vendor connectivity
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